SABMiller entered the Indian market in the year 2000 by acquiring Narang breweries and has since acquired several breweries and brands. The most notable being its acquisition, in June 2001, of Mysore Breweries (with its Knock Out brand) and in May 2003 of Shaw Wallace’s beer brands (Royal Challenge & Haywards).
A look at its journey so far:

Year 2000-01:

  • Entered in July 2000 with JV and later acquisition of Narang Breweries (UP)
Year 2002:
  • Launched Castle in Delhi from Himneel Breweries (contract brewery)
  • Acquired Mysore Breweries (MBL) with 2 breweries in west and south
  • Rolled out Knock Out nationally
Year 2003
  • Acquired Rochees Breweries in February
  • Formed JV with Shaw Wallace, later acquired
Year 2006
  • Acquired Fosters India
Year 2007
  • Launched Peroni Nastro Azzurro, a premium Italian brand, one of the top fifteen beer brands in the world in selected cities.
Year 2011
  • Launched the iconic American beer, Miller High Life and introduced the strong variants of Foster’s in key states across the country and Royal Challenge Strong in South India
Year 2012
  • Launched Indus Pride, India’s specialty beer brewed with authentic Indian spices in four variants- Citrusy Coriander, Citrusy Cardamom, Spicy Fennel and Fiery Cinnamon