SABMiller India

Investment: Since arriving in India in 2000, SABMiller has invested close to USD 800 Million.

Market Leadership & Capacity: SABMiller India has performed remarkably well in strong beer segment with brands like Haywards 5000 and Knock Out. Royal Challenge and Foster’s are also very popular in the mainstream mild segment.

With 10 high quality breweries located strategically across 9 states in India, SABMiller India is well placed to service the markets quickly and efficiently with a dedicated workforce of over 2900 people.

The Company’s brewery in Andhra Pradesh is India’s first brewery to have a capacity of 1.5 Million HL, which is twice the size of the second largest brewery in India. The wide sales and distribution network covering every single State in India, ensures that the company meets the expectations of the trade and consumers. The modern trade practices and transparent dealings followed by SABMiller India has ensured a long lasting partnerships with its key stakeholders, viz., customers and consumers.

Workforce: SABMiller India is well placed to service the markets quickly and efficiently with a dedicated workforce of over 3800 people.

Innovations: SABMiller India has been leader when it comes to innovation.
  • We set benchmark in the Indian beer industry with the introduction of beer in PET bottles.
  • We launched India’s first spice beer-Indus Pride in four different variants. Indus Pride is an Indian specialty beer brewed with authentic Indian spices. It carters to the diverse range of the Indian taste palette.
  • SABMiller India offers the widest range of pack sizes of the beer in India, which includes 650ml bottle, 500ml bottle, 330ml bottle, 250ml, 500ml can, 330ml can, 50 litre draught and 30 litre draught.
  • New and innovative technologies and best practices are being adopted to reduce, rescue and recycle the water. These include lower water consuming technologies-mash filtration and flash pasteurization. Investments have been made in setting-up electron spin resonance (ESR) machines for flavor stability.
  • Our world class manufacturing program is fully aligned with the global SABMiller manufacturing way & implementation has produced positive results, not only in performance, but improving effective work practices in many aspects like process controls, quality management, asset care & competency development.

Commitment to India

We are committed to India and over and the last 12 over years invested to USD 800 million. Sustainable Developments is integral to us and in India we focus on key priorities which include- Enterprise Development, HIV/ AIDS, Water and Alcohol Responsibility.

With the objective to improve the barley supply chain, SABMiller IUndia initiated a ‘Malt Barley Development Programme’, called Saanjhi Unnati (*Progress trough Partnership”) in Rajasthan in the 2005. This project assists the farmers and local community in maximizing land use and securing good income. It has now grown to 27 centres in 5 States with membership of over 7400 farmers.

SABMiller India, as a company recognizes HIV/AIDS is a major threat to the world of work. In 2007 it started its HIV/AIDS internal workplace programme jointly with International Labour Organization (ILO). The programme has been extended to supply chain (truckers) and trade (liquor retail outlets). The programme has so far reached out to more than 25,000 truck drivers and is prevalent in states like Rajasthan, Pondicherry, Haryan, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Water is one of our key Sustainable Development priority and we focus on using water efficiently and improving the water balance. This is reflected in the “5R” water management strategy which has internal measure to Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and external measures to Replenish and Redistribute. We have set ourselves the demanding target of reducing water use by 25% per litre to beer of beer between 2008 and 2015. We are already one of the most efficient brewers at around 4.45 litres of water per litre of beer.

Promoting responsible drinking is one of SABMiller’s key sustainable development priorities. In October 2011, we launched ‘Respect the Road’- Don’t drink and drive campaign with the traffic police to promote responsible drinking behaviour.

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