Foster's Lager is a uniquely Australian beer, brewed with the finest sun-dried malted barley, the purest water, and Foster's own specially bred 'Pride of Ringwood' hops imported directly from Australia to give the beer an authentic flavor. Foster's Lager Beer has always been at the forefront of brewing technology and the Foster's Lager brewed today is the result of over a century of attention of the brewing art. Quality has been the strength of Foster's since its earliest days and remains a paramount concern at every stage of the beer's journey from brewery to consumer. Foster's crisp, clean flavour won it immediate international acclaim when it was first brewed in Melbourne in 1888. Today, more than one hundred years later, it is still recognized as one of the world's best beers.

SABMiller India now brews & markets Foster's® in India

Foster's Lager Beer
  About this brand
Beer type: Mild Premium lager beer
Alcohol content by volume: 4.9 % v/v
Taste: Full body lager, Malty character on the mid palate blends well with a delicate creaminess and crisp, clean hop aroma, creating perfect balance to the beer.
Malts: Six row malt
Hops: Imported hops from Australia
Colour: 7.5 EBC
Availability: 650ml, 330ml bottle & 500ml, 330ml Cans
Fermentation process: Bottom-fermented
Serving temperature: 6°C
Packaging: Packed in Amber bottle and Cans
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