Knock Out was launched in 1984 and is a very popular brand in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Today, the brand is the 3rd largest selling beer brand in India and is one of India's most loved strong beers because of its characteristic warm-mouthful feel on the palette and its rich bold and refreshing taste. Knock Out in the 1 Liter PET bottle has recently won the prestigious AC Nielsen "2014 Product of the year" award in the alco-bev category, voted by more than 18,000 consumers across all parts of India.

Keeping in synch with the changing consumer dynamics, Knock Out underwent a packaging design change back in 2011. Today, the bright yellow label with its dynamic design pattern and the characteristic way of writing the brand name strongly demonstrates verve, enthusiasm and dynamism - the core values that underpin the brand. For its patrons, Knock Out creates a world of free-spirited refreshment where close friends enjoy being together and talk about their day. The conversations with Knock Out aren't superficial - they are unpretentious conversations among close friends, where friends pull each other's leg and laugh their heart out to completely refresh themselves - in both heart and minds.

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