Knock Out

Ever since its launch in 1984, Knock Out has evolved itís brand positioning from strength to cold refreshment to establish itself as one of the largest selling strong beers brands in the country.

Today, there are millions of consumers in the States of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh for whom the brand has come to acquire an iconic status.

Knock Out today comes with an innovative thermochromic label (A label that changes color when it becomes cold) in the States of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The popularity of the brand can be gauged by the fact, that despite being available only in limited markets, around 7 lakh bottles of Knock Out are consumed every day.

Knock Out is brewed in modern, state of the art breweries to ensure consistent conformance to the highest international standards. Automated and modern techniques help to ensure that the beer is produced under hygienic conditions, free from any external impurities.

knockout beer