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SABMiller India steps up efforts to promote responsible drinking behaviour

Street plays planned across Gurgaon to spread the message

Gurgaon, 27th May 2012: SABMiller India, the Indian arm of SABMiller Plc, one of the leading brewers in the country has stepped up its efforts to promote and support responsible drinking behaviour. Taking its campaign ‘Respect the Road’ – Don’t Drink and drive to the next level, SABMiller India plans to host a series of interactive street plays to engage with the citizens of Gurgaon.

The first in the series “Hain Dost Tumhari Yeh Rahein” (Road are your friends, respect them) was held in Galleria, DLF City, Phase IV, Gurgaon. The street plays are part of the respect the road campaign which was launched last year to promote responsible drinking behaviour and encourage people of Gurgaon to follow traffic rules, not to drink and drive and look for alternatives to drinking and driving such as hiring a driver, renting a cab or having a friend drive one home.

“Drunken driving is a serious threat. Through ‘Respect the Road’ campaign, we want to spread the message of overall road safety and avoid drinking and driving in Gurgaon. This campaign will be an example in promoting responsible road behaviour for other cities to follow” said, Ravinder Tomar, ACP (Traffic) Gurgaon.

Commenting on the initiative Mr. Ajit Jha, Director Corporate Affairs and Communication, SABMiller India said, “Supporting responsible drinking is one of the core sustainable development priorities for SABMiller worldwide. In India too, we are engaged in promoting a responsible approach to alcohol consumption. As a part of this innovative campaign, we will be organizing street plays across prominent locations in Gurgaon to promote responsible drinking behaviour. We are happy to support Gurgaon traffic police through this initiative.”

Launched in October 2011, the campaign focuses on overall road safety encouraging people not drink and drive. As part of the campaign, SABMiller India has collaborated with Home Safe- NCR’s first Chauffeur Service. Home Safe offers its services through an experienced fleet of over 75 chauffeurs that cater to people who adopt and demonstrate responsible drinking behavior, and avoid driving after drinking.

The street play ‘Hain Dost Tumhari Yeh Rahein' was performed by the artists of Film and Theater Society. The storyline is based in the year 2040, depicting Gurgaon as a utopian city with safe roads and negligible accidents. It highlights the facts of how people are totally unaware of the concept of road accidents. Until a bunch of youngsters, account upon their great grandfather’s ghost who died in a drunken driving road accident. The great grandfather who still assumes these accidents occur is astonished to see how people are resorting to alternatives to drinking and driving like hiring a cab, call a driver or designate a sober person to drive. Through the play the message of how responsible drinking behaviour and the positive change it brings to the society, is depicted in a humorous yet impactful way. The play urges viewers to say a complete no to drinking and driving and “Respect the Road”.

On the sidelines of the street play, Mr. Nikhil Saigal, Director, Home Safe said, “Since our association with SABMiller India for ‘Respect the Road’ campaign, we have received an overwhelming response from the people who are choosing to avail of our chauffeur-on-hire services and as an alternative to drinking and driving. We have seen a 100% increase in our services from Gurgaon post the roll out of the campaign pilot and are happy to continue our support.”

Emphasizing on the concept of overall road safety with the focus on not drinking and driving, messages are being put up on hoardings across the city of Gurgaon to promote the campaign. Major petrol pumps like The Indian Oil petrol pump at DLF phase-3 and Bata Chowk, BP at Guru Dronacharya metro station etc have supported the campaign by putting up messages and handing over pamphlets to all vehicles. Besides the street plays, the campaign would also be promoted through voluntary traffic drives, initiatives with RWAs and branding at important locations across the city.

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SABMiller India, the Indian arm of SABMiller PLC is one of the leading brewers in the country. The company serves the market with ten breweries with popular brands such as Miller High Life, Foster’s, Knockout, Haywards, Royal Challenge and Indus Pride and also markets its premium international brand Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

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