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Haywardians rock the country with the spirit of “Hausla Buland”

Bangalore, 21st-June-2010
Haywards 5000 taps the ?real man? through a series of street plays

Bangalore, 21st June, 2010 - Haywards 5000 an iconic brand from SKOL Breweries, the operating Company of SABMiller India, has come up with a new communication of ?Haywards Hai Toh Hausla Buland?. ?Hausla Buland? is all about the unwavering spirit of common man to maintain his resolve despite the tough circumstances in his life. The brand spread this message to its target audience through a series of street plays held in various cities & towns, across India.

This street play introduces a character called ?Haywardian? who is the quintessential Haywards personality and embodies the traits of a resilient and optimistic individual who has realistic ambitions and takes action towards fulfilling them. He wants to move ahead in life through fair means, believes in his own hard work and does not seek short cuts to achieve his ambitions. It depicts the story of how the protagonist of the play maintains his optimism in tough situations and gradually moves towards the next milestone.

This play helped in sensitizing people to what is ?Buland Hausla? and how a common man will rise slowly but steadily if he maintains resolve despite tough circumstances. This play also highlighted the merits of adopting fair means, hard work and education.

Commenting on this initiative, Derek Jones, Director Marketing, SABMiller India, said, ?Haywards 5000 is the flagship brand of the company, and is a favorite of consumers across the country and the Hausla Buland campaign is a perfect platform to reach out and connect with them. We believe these street plays reflect the character of the brand and were a good learning for the people of _________.?

Brief on Haywards 5000:
Haywards 5000, launched in the year 1983, is one of India's largest selling strong beer brand. Haywards 5000 is brewed with the choicest of malts and hops lending itself to a unique flavour profile to suit the Indian taste and preference. It is the hallmark of original and authentic strong beer which other beer brands aspire for.