SABMiller India

SABMiller India successfully launches Project ‘Humsafar’ in Bangalore and Pondicherry

The campaign to focus on prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS by educating the truckers through special programmes

SABMiller India, the leading brewing company of India recently launched its very successful project ‘Humsafar’ in Bangalore and Pondicherry. For this endeavour, SABMiller India partnered with Bhoruka Charitable Trust at Mysore Breweries in Bangalore and Humana People to People Foundation at SICA Breweries, Pondicherry. This is SABMiller India’s one of its kind initiative to facilitate and increase awareness on HIV-AIDS, amongst truckers associated with its breweries.

Since its inception in 2008, project ‘Humsafar’ has shown immense success in creating HIV-AIDS awareness. Humsafar was launched in Oct 2008 in Neemrana, Rajasthan and since then has been able to create awareness amongst more than 1000 truckers who have visited the brewery. The project has been wholeheartedly supported by SABMiller India’s supply chain and the people of Neemrana.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Sundeep Kumar, Director, Corporate Affairs and Communication, SABMiller India, said, “We, at SABMiller India believe that all corporates should ensure a safe environment for their employees and their surrounding communities. A business cannot survive with neglecting basic health and human rights of communities. As a socially responsible organization, we implement programs aimed at transforming AIDS-affected communities into healthy communities, and the Truckers’ program is a case in point.”

SABMiller India believes that programmes as such are necessary in high risk areas such as Karnataka and Pondicherry. The need of the hour is an organized effort to control the contamination of the disease, coupled with a concrete plan of action and infrastructure to educate and warn people about HIV-AIDS and treat the disease.

Both Humana and Bhoruka Charitable trust will assist in educating and spreading awareness about AIDS. They will also initiate support in form of referrals to ICTCs centres, social marketing of condoms and creating awareness through the medium of infotainment.

Humana People to People and the Bhoruka Charitable Trust also presented condom vending machines at the events which were then installed in the breweries.