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SABMiller India engages with employees to create awareness this World AIDS Day

(New Delhi) December 1st 2011:
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New Delhi, December 1st 2011: On the eve of World AIDS Day,SABMiller India took an initiative to drive the cause of HIV/AIDS across all offices and breweries in India.Activities like street plays, group discussions, film screenings on HIV to educate employees, interactions with people from the HIV positive network, quizzes and contests were organized to mark the World AIDS Day. Theseactivitieswere organized as part of its internal workplace programme which aims at promoting,educating and creating awareness among employees. In addition to this, interactive initiatives with truckers through SABMiller India’sprogrammeHumsafar are ongoing.

HIV/AIDS is one of the key sustainable priorities of SABMiller worldwide. Contributing to the reduction of HIV/AIDS is important for SABMiller’s operations across countries/regions where it is an emerging epidemic. SABMiller India recognizes the relevance of imparting education among their workforce, supply chain (truckers) as well as having an impact on the economic development and stability of the communities in which they operate.

According to Meenakshi Sharma, Vice President,Sustainability and Communication, SABMiller India “HIV/AIDS is one of our key concerns worldwide. Our focus is to create awareness around it amongst our people in India as well. We are through our internal workplace programme and external trucker’s programme ‘Project Humsafar’, working towards creating awareness and striving to address the issues of stigma and discrimination.

According to Divya Verma, National Programme Coordinator, HIV /AIDS Programme, ILO “World AIDS Day is an opportunity for people to unite in the fight against HIV. SABMiller India through its internal workplace and external truckers programme has been able contribute valuably towards the fights against HIV/AIDS.”

SABMiller India’s truckers programme Humsafar, has so far has reached out to more than 25,000 truck drivers. Launched in 2008, the programme has been able to create mass awareness through various outreach activities in SABMiller’s breweries in high prevalence states like Rajasthan, Pondicherry, Haryana, and Karnataka.The programme focuses on the following theme:

  • Education and awareness about routes of transmission
  • Disease prevention
  • Availability and usage of condoms
  • Referrals for counseling, testing and treatment
  • Addressing stigma and creating empathy through contact programmes which are one-on-one interactions with positive people and their families and friends
Project ‘Humsafar’ –Impact(2008-present)

Reached 18,193 truckers through one-on-one and group discussions

Referred2189truckersto civil hospitals and nearby Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre

Reached 5334truckers through mass media tools such as street plays, films etc.

Distributed 26794condoms through social marketing
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