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Sabmiller India Sabmiller India Sabmiller India

Our Culture

Our people make us who we are…

At SABMiller India, we believe that our people have helped us carve out a niche in this fast-paced business environment and it's because of our people that we are one of the leading and most admired brewers in the world.

Our focus towards excellence & high performance gives us:

  • A distinctive environment where employees care passionately about winning and orient them outward, focusing on customers and competitors.
  • An inspiration for people to go the extra mile–to make and execute good decisions even when nobody's looking
  • An opportunity to fulfill their aspirations while achieving company goals

The potent combination of our values, beliefs, character creates a deep bond where each SABMillians comes forward with a helping hand making work more meaningful and rewarding.

Driving the principle of 'Fit for Purpose'

SABMiller India looks for 'the best fit' for every forthcoming opportunity in our company. Our belief is simple - to make the most of our resources while we address our present needs and build for future.

Respect for Diversity

Diversity is embedded in the DNA of SABMiller. We are proud of our heritage, our culture, our people who are spread across the country but still united and focused towards achieving one common goal.

Like our local brands which we have nurtured over the past so many years, we nurture people and our rich talent in a diverse environment, which though is challenging at times, but rewarding and that's what differentiate us from others.

Our culture of openness encourages you to 'Be You'. We believe that our diverse heritage of people, experience and age forms the basis of our young, vibrant and humming culture.

Caring for beyond the obvious

As an organization we deeply believe that when our business does well, so do the local communities, economies and environment around us. When they prosper, so do we. It is with this thought that we approach our work, our consumers, stakeholders and each other.

Sabmiller India Sabmiller India Sabmiller India
Sabmiller India