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Discouraging irresponsible drinking is one of our top sustainable development priorities at SABMiller India. When people drink too much, they can hurt themselves, other people, and the communities, and no one wants that. To resolve these issues, there is no simple solution. We believe, however, there are things that can make a difference like making sure information about alcohol is accurate and balanced, enforcing laws against drinking and driving and educating people about underage drinking.

India has the highest number of road accidents and fatalities in the world. As per the recent WHO global status report on road safety 2014, 1,37,572 people die on India roads every year which comes out to 366 deaths every day. Drunk driving along with low use of helmets, seat belts and child restraints in vehicles are seen as the main contributing factors.

Recognizing this, SABMiller India embarked on an innovative programme. Titled, ‘Respect the Road’ (RTR), a programme was launched in 2011, in partnership with private organizations, NGOs and Local Police creating awareness on road safety in general and promoting responsible drinking behavior by providing choices to drinking and driving, in particular.

The programme focuses on three major objectives:-
  1. Raise Awareness on Road Safety
  2. Promote responsible drinking behavior by providing choices to drinking and driving
  3. Create Ambassadors for Road safety

The Launch - Gurgaon

Respect the Road was launched in 2011 in Gurgaon, in association with the Gurgaon Traffic Police and supported by Home Safe India- Call a Chauffer partner, Radio Partners - Radio City 91.1 FM and TAXI partners- Mega cabs. Under the banner of RTR, numerous activations and events have been organised for last 4 years focussed towards creating awareness on road safety. Some of the key initiatives include:
  • Outdoor hoardings with road safety messages across the city
  • Extensive campaign on digital media to engage people of Gurgaon
  • Extensive use of Radio to promote messages in a creative way during festive season, urging people to enjoy responsibly
  • Leading bars and pubs across Gurgaon were roped in to promote the program and the concept of using alternatives. The messages were communicated through coasters, tent cards, banners and by offering free chauffeurs to lucky customers during Christmas, New Year et al.
  • The program was further extended and promoted through Live Media across 50 outlets in NCR, through branding at selected petrol pumps, street play competition at leading business schools, active participation (including sponsorships) at events such as CII’s annual Sustainability Conference, FICCI Sustainability Conference, Transport Mobility conference, CII soccer tournament, Expat Cup amongst others
  • The programme introduced an innovative ‘road safety’ mascot in Gurgaon. Named-‘Traffic Tau’, the mascot was brought alive to promote the message of road safety and support Gurgaon Traffic Police’s efforts in creating further awareness. The mascot was launched at a press conference by the Gurgaon Police Commissioner along with the representatives of SABMiller India. ‘Traffic Tau’ was later unveiled to the common public during New Year’s and Christmas through road shows, outdoor activations, Radio, Digital (Facebook) and ohoardings.

Drinking & Driving don’t go hand in hand. Thanks to ‘Respect the Road’ campaign, this communication along with the concept of alternatives to drinking & driving, has reached out to many people.
- Bharti Arora IPS, Joint Commissioner of Police, Faridabad


After successfully spreading the message of road safety and promoting choices to drinking and driving in Gurgaon , RTR was expanded to city of Bengaluru. The programme has been supported by Bengaluru Traffic Police along with local NGO Positive Strokes and mobility partners Ola & Uber.

The programme was promoted through various engagement activities both on-ground and on digital. Some of the key events included the following:
  • Road Safety Week- Respect The Road was invited by the Bengaluru traffic police to spread the messages of road safety during the 27th Road Safety Week. The initiative saw a footfall of over 30,000 visitors in just two days.
  • Midnight Marathon - Respect The Road was also the road safety partner at the annual event Midnight Marathon where more than 15,000 Bengalurites ran for the cause.
  • Pub Crawl for a cause -To promote the message of responsible drinking during festive season (Christmas and New Year) RTR organised India’s first Pub Crawl with a cause, where leading media and bloggers were invited. As part of the event, cabs were provided to all and each participant took a pledge of never mixing drinking with driving.
  • Outdoor hoardings – Key road safety messages were put across the city with the support of local police to spread the message of road safety.
  • Digital engagement – RTR is one of the biggest programme on road safety on digital and various engaging activities were done urging the people of Bengaluru to contribute as Brand Ambassadors, towards road safety. A special Skywalk contest was organised to urge people to use Skywalks and avoid accidents on roads.

“Drunk driving is a serious threat to road safety and we want to reach out to people sensitizing them towards the dangers of indulging in this act. We advise people to call drivers and hire cabs and not indulge in drunk driving. We are happy to support the programme in spreading the message and are hopeful of an encouraging response from the city dwellers.”
-Dr. M. A. Saleem, Addl. Commissioner of Police - Traffic, Bengaluru City,


Registered cases of drinking and driving have reduced substantially from 10,218 in 2013 to 3,933 in 2015 in Gurgaon
62% Reduction on Road Accidents in Gurgaon
2 Million Impressions in Media
One of India`s biggest don’t’ drink and drive campaign on digital media - More than 34,000 likes
Home Safe’, call on chauffer partner, service has gone up by 50% in the last two years, vindicating the rise in use of alternatives
Through our radio cab partners Mega Cabs, the campaign reached out to over 60,000 captive consumers on a monthly basis
Through our radio partners Radio City the campaign reached out to 9,725 callers and received 8,113 SMS’s
Through Piquor booths, an exciting self-photography experience the campaign reached out to over 3,000 consumers on ground and 17,00,00 users on social media
Campaign has been extensively covered in print, electronic and digital media
The campaign also won Best Social Media Campaign in the area of Sustainability at the FICCI international sustainability awards 2013
The campaign`s introduced the character of Traffic Tau, which was later adopted as a mascot by Gurgaon Traffic Police, a first of its kind in India.


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